Grand Prix "Samba" Latin Dance Shoes with Double Buckle Toe Straps and Crossed Ankle Strap

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The SAMBA model is decorated with two buckles with rhinestones that are size adjustable. The ankle strap can be worn either under the shank or around the ankle.  It is also fastened with a rhinestone buckle.
A soft latex insole lends comfort to shoes. The lining material absorbs moisture well, so the foot in this shoe does not slip.
The model comes with a steady Flare heel that extends slightly to the bottom. The sole made of genuine leather (split leather) does not slip on the floor.
The model with the highest 3inch heels comes with a short arch support, which makes the shoes more flexible and allows you to work more with the foot.
Choose size and heel height from dropdown. Width is medium.

Please allow 12-14 business days for delivery.