Everyone has a different favorite dance. Why?

During some morning chit chat in the office, I asked Jasmine what her favorite dance is...and it got me thinking, "why does everyone have a different favorite dance?"  The obvious answer is that different dances speak to people differently based on their personality types.  For example: my favorite dance is Bolero.  I love the passion and romance of the dance, but I also love the control and compulsory technique that's required to do the dance well.  Those two things speak to me as an ex ballerina and as someone who loves the drama of an artistic personality. If you're dying to know Jasmine's favorite it's Tango. She started dancing at a young age (11), and she felt it gave her a power and strength that spoke to her audience as more than just a child going out on the floor and repeating the basics of what her teacher taught her.  She felt it showed her ability more than other dances too; and people were impressed at her skill level beyond that of a young girl.  They judged her as they would an adult.

On the flip side, why do people love swing?  It's so different than bolero or tango. One of my sponsored ladies, Angela Perez, favors west coast swing, so I decided to ask her why.  She loves that it's easy and comfortable.  It's like playing with your best friend.  The more you loosen up and relax, the better you look and the more fun you have. She also said, "The tricks are so much fun! I feel like I'm ice skating =]"

So tell me friends, what's your favorite dance and why? Post in comments:


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