6 Exercises to Make You a Better Dancer

6 Exercises to Make You a Better Dancer

Dance requires an incredible amount of strength, endurance, balance and flexibility — but it’s well worth it! From improved cardiovascular health and muscular strength to increased coordination and balance, the physical benefits of this heart-pumping exercise are endless. As we all self-isolate and distance ourselves from others, it’s normal to miss the natural high that comes from moving to the beat. While you may not be able to glide across the floor with your dance partner or group right now, there are so many ways to stay active at home! Here are some exercises to help you become a better, stronger dancer (and give you the physical, mental and emotional perks you may be missing):

  1. Cardio: Get the blood flowing with some cardio! Running and jogging will help you build your stamina and move with ease on the dance floor. Don’t have a treadmill or your own private race track? Try doing skips, jumps or burpees instead! Check out this article from Women’s Health for eight fat-blasting cardio exercises you can try at home today.
  2. Squats and Lunges: These exercises will help strengthen your thighs, legs and buttocks. On top of improving mobility, flexibility, strength and balance, they’ll also help you jump higher and turn faster. (To give that booty a little extra pop while you work out, try our Angelina High-Waisted Leggings or Anna Striped Mesh Leggings)!



  1. Stretches: Stretching can dramatically improve your flexibility and endurance. Your jumps, landings, strides and turns will all look smoother with regular stretching. Plus, you’ll be less prone to injuries and experience less body pains following dance lessons. We recommend this YouTube video from Nico Vera, demonstrating beginner stretches for dancers and gymnasts.
  2. Push-Ups: Push-ups don’t just tone your arms (though that is a nice bonus). They also help strengthen your chest and back for an improved posture and balance. To spice up your regular old push-up routine, try these four variations from Shape to really notice a difference in your arms, shoulders, upper back and core.
  3. Sit-Ups and Crunches: Connection with your dance partner starts with your core. Strengthening the abdominal muscles will make your connection more versatile and sensitive — what’s more, you’ll love having a toned midsection to show off in those sexy Latin dresses! We recommend trying this sit-ups workout from LIVESTRONG for abs exercises that are easy on the lower back. (Show off those toned abs in our Alexa Ombré Sports Bra)!



  1. Yoga: Yoga tones and builds strength in the arms, back, core, glutes and legs. According to Yoga Journal, rolling out the mat also helps prevent joint and cartilage breakdown, protects your spine, increases flexibility, releases tension and boosts immunity (a major benefit, considering the spread of COVID-19). To take advantage of these perks, try the exercises in this YouTube video, “Yoga for Dancers.” 

Please note that these exercises are meant to help you stay happy, healthy and safe! Make sure to use correct form and not to overextend yourself so that you can keep dancing for a long time to come. After each exercise, consider using our Rubz Foot Roller to relieve muscle soreness and prevent ailments like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. Our Rubz Foot and Hand Massage Ball can also soothe tired feet and sore muscles after a workout.


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