Plus Size Dance Wear (Because There Are Some Curves We Don’t Want to Flatten)

Plus Size Dance Wear (Because There Are Some Curves We Don’t Want to Flatten)

Curvy figures are often considered the picturesque feminine ideal, but that doesn’t always mean it’s easy to find dance wear that fits. If you have a curvy body type, you should typically choose semi-fitted pieces that softly follow your curves, emphasize your waistline, and highlight your décolletage. We’ve outlined some quick tips and suggestions for finding flattering Latin and ballroom dresses below. If you’re looking specifically for plus size dance wear, scroll to the bottom of our blog for a few options, or visit the new Plus Size collection on our website.

Emphasize your waistline. Your waist should always be well-defined! A cinched-in middle never fails to flatter as it highlights your womanly figure. Wear a belt or choose pieces with details like beading or ruching at the waist. Avoid anything too fitted, though, including styles that cinch the waist too tightly.

Don’t be afraid to show a little skin! A slit on the side of a dress can be sexy and slimming, while showing lots of leg offers a long, lean look. Highlighting your décolletage also looks sultry without being too provocative. Opt for lower necklines found in wrap, off-the-shoulder, or strapless styles.

Searching specifically for US sizes 14 and up? Visit our Plus Size collection. Here are just a few of our favorite items in this collection. 

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