Top 5 Dance wear Trends of 2019

Top 5 Dance wear Trends of 2019

As someone who regularly participates in ballroom competitions; and who designs dresses for that occasion, I am constantly thinking about the fashion on the floor.  It doesn't always mirror the trends of the fashion world, so here's a great guide to use the next time you're in the market for a new piece of dance wear. 

5. Peplums.

Peplum tops have been a main staple in our social circles for the past few years.  We love what they do for our figures and the ultra feminine curves they create.  The competition floor is no exception to that obsession. We're seeing them in both ballroom and Latin dresses, and in both international and American styles.  Any way you go, you'll be a winner in a dress with a peplum. 

I love this neon green Latin example with electric blue fringe on Lat080 is for rent at $250


4. Animal prints are still the King of the Jungle

There are few fashion trends that stay ultra valid for longer than just a few years, but animal prints continue to be a hot choice when you want to look your most fierce. Whether it's a golden tiger print, or a black and white leopard flock with a bright red flower accent, being in animal print gives you a fighting chance for that finalists spot.  

This leopard print mesh practice dress is our best seller for good reason. It's a steal at $98.36 Animal Print Latin Dress 


3. Tea Length Standard Gowns

This one has been on it's way for awhile.  It started in Europe (as most things Ballroom do) and has slowly inched it's way into the international ballroom culture in America.  We favor this new shorter skirt length for one glorious and irrefutable reason: footwork. These mid calf hemlines make seeing our flawless footwork much easier for those judges to spy. Just think about how majestic your tea length chiffon is going to look on that first place pedestal.


2. We mean SHORT! Yowsa! 

Standard dresses aren't the only designs to get a good snip in the skirt.  We're noticing them on Latin and rhythm dresses as well.  Maybe it's made of beaded threads, or maybe it's just a bit of flingy fringe, but you're going to be haute couture with a skirt that barely tickles the tops of your thighs.


1. Green in King, and Black is Back

 Our number one spot is reserved for color this year.  We've seen a huge demand for green in both ballroom and latin styles, but we're not talking NEON.  We mean the hues you would find in a priceless emerald gemstone.  Dark green is king this year on the floor.

We can't leave out the other color that's dominating the universe right now, either.  When I say black is back, I mean it in a huge way.  Nothing tells the judges you know what you're doing like a black lycra dress with black stones or pearls.  

Get the look This Fiore consignment dress is available for rent and purchase. 


Thanks for taking a look! As always, I LOOOOOVE comments.

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