Guide to Lashes. Jeravae talks about false lashes on the competition floor

As a ballroom makeup artist, the question I hear most often while applying lashes is,

"Aren't those too loooooooong for me??????"

The answer is always "no".  With a very few exceptions, there really is no such thing as false lashes that are too long, when it comes to your ballroom make up.  Any time you're going to be on that floor competing or performing, you need long and relatively thick false lashes. Otherwise the judges and audience just can't see your eyes.  It's also the reason we use heavy eye shadow and define our brows with such exact precision.  The super white lights and the distance between the judges eyes and your own face make our natural features seem minuscule.  Since your dance performance includes beautiful facial expressions and emotional connection with your partner, we have to make sure your features are visible to those watching you. 

While you may feel like a clown walking around with such heavy makeup and long lash strips, you'll look like a super model when you get in your costume, your hair is pulled back tight, and you put that first bit of suede on those floor planks.  So unless your lashes are making your eyes droop, or look slightly closed, you want to choose lashes that are as long as possible. We like these 1.5cm simulated mink lashes.   

Stay tuned for makeup tutorial VIDS coming soon!  

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