Southwestern Hospitality

2018 is our 4th year having the great honor of being a dress vendor at Jennifer and David's Southwestern Invitational Dancesport Competition; and as much as we love vending at every event, we especially love Southwestern.  The organizers always make us feel welcome, help us prepare our booth area, and make sure we have everything we need.  The studios that participate in this ballroom competition are among the happiest and lighthearted dancers we have met.  It makes it even more fun and exciting to be there.  Vending is always a pleasure, and we always look forward to going each year.

One thing I always find interesting about our vending weekends in Dallas is the fact that our men's wear is so popular at this event.  We have more interested in our Latin shirts, ballroom shirts, pants and suits than at any other event.  Our dresses also attract much attention, but nothing like our men's dance wear.  It's always a great joy to put a gentleman in a smooth vest or suit and watch his expression as he realizes the exemplary fit and quality of the fabric.  The feeling is tangible when they realize they can move every inch of their bodies without any restriction from their clothing.  In most cases it's something they have never felt until the moment they slip into their JERAVAE ballroom jacket and pants. I can't tell you how many times we've heard men say it's like a second skin. 

As we expand our line and encourage more exposure to our brand, we hope more and more gentlemen will have the opportunity to own some JERAVAE men's dancewear.  


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